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Innovative resin technique


 The itr was born 3 years ago, when one of our most important watchmaking customers took the gamble to create a high performance watch, whose total weight does not exceed 25g.

Consulted for this project, we first considered manufacturing this case in plastic injection, a technology used until then for all of the customer's parts.

However, this was without taking into account the real technical challenge of this watch: combining a new material, very high technical performance and a visual finish never before achieved.

After 8 months of research, testing and development, we came up with itr: Innovative Revolutionary Resin Technique.

It is a composite material, filled with carbon nanotube particles, capable of meeting extremely complex specifications in every respect.

Leaving our core business of injection moulding completely aside, we have developed a unique composite material using a top secret process.

With a hardness comparable to that of a watchmaking metal, it is machined with the same tolerances and the same precision.

Fully coloured, it can be polished, bead-blasted, lacquered and satin-finished, it does not oxidise and can even be set with diamonds.

The most incredible thing is that it weighs 8 times less:

  • stainless steel density: 8
  • itr density : 1.15

To date, there is no equivalent, no material capable of competing with itr.

After having conquered some of the biggest watch brands, itr is now conquering the jewellery, eyewear, cosmetics, leather goods and even medical sector.

injector Evolution


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